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Marry The House

The increase in interest rates has turned potential homebuyers away from the market; therefore the sellers are finding it difficult to find offers. Homes are on the market for extended periods of time. Sellers are making special efforts to sell their homes. What does this mean?


Date The Interest Rate

You don’t have to feel discouraged and worry your dream home is out of reach. To avoid losing the home of your dreams, the vital lesson to be learned is to buy the house right away. Although interest rates are high right now, following precedent when a recession ends interest rates decrease. Not making an offer on your forever home would be something you don’t want to regret. And possibly even more importantly, your current interest rate does not have to last the duration of your mortgage. 

Divorce The Landlord!

Why allow your landlord to build their home equity when you could make your own? It is unsustainable to keep paying more for a place to live, which is not even yours, when average annual increases are over 10%.  Divorcing your landlord is one of the best things you can do to achieve financial freedom.

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